Every full service Mercury Hotels International property will publish seasonal menus featuring seasonal produce that can be bought locally.
Only reusable linen, silverware, and dishware will be used in Room Service, Bars, Lounges, Banquets, and Restaurants.
Cocktail napkins and On-the-Go cups will be recylable.
In every kitchen, energy saving measures will include; monitoring and logging refrigerator and freezer temperature controls daily and using loss-shield plastic barriers for walk-in  freezers.
Optional towel reuse policy
Environmental Conservation notices in guest rooms
Guest room recycling.
TV checkout.
Ice water by request only
Water reduction efforts to include tap controls, water reuse/water reclamation, metering and sub-metering and sewage credits.
Laundry planning/production planning with reusable dry-cleaning bags, re-usable detergent barrels and microprocessor-controlled wash wheels.
Environmentally friendly cleaning products.
During evening turndown service, minimal lights left on in guest room.
Temperature adjustments when guest is out of guest room.
Scheduled daily and weekly inspection of boilers, water heaters, chillers, laundry equipment and water pipes to prevent energy loss
Guest sensors for in/out of room.
Banquet and dining space temperature adjustments after hours.
Ice water by request only.
Organic options in our Corner Pantries
Priority parking for hybrid cars
Mercury Hotels International is commited to environmental responsibility. We will continue to focus on "eco-friendly" actions at our properties.

We will take every opportunity to incorporate "green" standards and practices into our operations. We will mandate brand specific sustainability initiatives and invest in technologies and programs that will allow us to implement our Corporate Environmental Charter.

We are committed to reducing our carbon fotprint.
Our property standards:
Green Training
Green Teams and property action committees
Linen /Terry policy
Banquet/Back-of-House Recycling
Eco-friendly inks and papers
Energy Technologies including;  Compact fluorescent light Bulbs and low-flow shower heads
Our Best Practices:
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